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I reached out to Alex during a very dark period in my life. I was battling with depression and low self-esteem along with what seemed like a failing career and a dismal personal life. After 3 months of work with Alex, my life is in a completely different place. Now I am experiencing success in my music career and in my personal life that I never deemed possible. I am so grateful to Alex for all of her wisdom and support, and I feel that I am on a positive path because of our conversations. If you are considering asking Alex for help please remember “indecision is the thief of opportunity” and reach out to this beautiful soul. You will be so happy that you did. Thank you Alex!!!

Will M.

~ Will M., North Carolina



I recommend Alex as an outstanding sounding board and guide. She is one to help us clarify our truth, own up to choices and accept accountability. Solid coaching style.Brilliant thinker.

Susan H.

~ Susan H., Nevada



Working with Alex has been a valuable experience that has afforded me tools for understanding myself and finding my truth. I immediately felt respected by Alex, and have been able to trust her insights and commitment to the work plan we established.


~ Emily A. | Colorado



I love my coaching sessions with Alex! She is a phenomenal coach and intuitively knows the exact questions to ask to facilitate deeper awareness. Her heart centered guidance helps me get out of my head and into my heart and see things from a new perspective, no matter what issue we are discussing.


~ Pam H. | Vancouver



Alex has been excellent in helping me navigate a difficult series of transitions both in my personal and professional life. Her compassion, open-mindedness, and eagerness to help make her a talented life coach. I particularly appreciate her focus not only on identifying issues but also on helping you move past previous hang-ups or detrimental ways of thinking.

~ Justine A. | South Carolina





Alex is a very talented coach, and I’m grateful for her influence in my life. She helps me to see places where I am stuck, and she has the tools and resources to help me move forward. I come away from every coaching call feeling uplifted and confident that I can succeed. She is fun to work with, and she has the awareness and flexibility to deal with whatever comes up in the call.


~ Diane L. | Utah



Working with Alex has helped me to regain a very strong measure of confidence that I had a great need to regain and build upon. She helps you to reveal the strengths that reside inside of yourself. As a good friend and mentor mentioned to me, “We need to learn less and study more.” Alex helps you to focus where it is needed most.


~ David K. | Illinois



I believe that everyone should have a (life) coach, including professional life coaches. Let’s face it, even we can be challenged by the inevitable trials and tribulations of life. It can be challenging, too, for any number of reasons, for a life coach to work with another life coach. Some reasons include the differences in training, expectations, style, etc., and even ego.


~ Arthur M. | California


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