Are you popping the question too soon?

I know how it feels…you’ve finally got a discovery call…you really want to work with this client because you just know in your heart you can truly help her…and so you just can’t wait to share your program with her and ask her if she’s ready to work with you. But, are...

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You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers to be an Expert

Have you ever held back on sharing content or putting yourself out there because you’re worried someone might ask a question you don’t know the answer to? Yeah, I know how it feels. You think because you’re an expert you’re supposed to know it all. And if you don’t,...

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Still Figuring Out How to Stand Out Online?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just another number in the sea of coaches and entrepreneurs online? Yup, when you’re first starting out it’s easy to get discouraged – so many others doing what you do, and so much further ahead of you. So what. The fact that others...

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Do You Have a Real Strategy for Finding Clients?

Recently, my hubby and I enjoyed a super-fun day at the races. We even had a win…uh, yeah, but let’s be real – it was 1 win out of 9 possible races. Not exactly a fabulous return on our investment – LOL But it’s no mystery as to why that happened. Neither of us know...

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Stuck on Content? Just Ask

Are you wondering what type of free content you should be sharing to help build momentum in your biz and attract paying clients? Yup – I’ve been there, too. True story: It once took me a whole month to develop what I thought was an amazing lead magnet filled with...

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Take Courage: Be Who You Are

Last week one of my clients gave me a big reminder and some huge inspiration that I just had to share (yes, she gave me permission to do this) My client is an amazing woman who’s been working so diligently towards getting clear on her ideal client and defining her...

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Every Little Action Creates Great Momentum

Do you sometimes feel as though your biz is never going to get off the ground? Yup, I felt like that for months at the beginning. I was doing all the right things and yet I still wasn’t getting the response I wanted – i.e. SOLD OUT! On the very first webinar I hosted,...

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Time Without Attention is Worthless

Have you ever found yourself working on one task, yet at the same time your mind is leaping ahead to everything else you need to get done? I know I have, which is exactly why this quote from Tim Ferriss’ Best-Selling book, The 4-Hour Work Week, jumped off the page at...

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Are You Hopping Around?

Last week, I wrote about how important it is to show up every day and continue to share your content – because your ideal clients ARE watching and paying attention. But, I need to add a caveat to that – showing up consistently will only attract your ideal clients if...

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They’re Watching You!

Ever feel like what you’re doing isn’t having an impact? Maybe some days you just don’t feel like posting on Facebook or sending out your newsletter, because what’s the point? Is anyone really reading it anyway? Yup, I’ve definitely had my fair share of those moments...

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