Give Thanks & Celebrate the Wins (Big or Small)

Happy Thanksgiving! I know, I know, it’s only a U.S. holiday…but, there’s so much we can all learn from this annual celebration of giving thanks and expressing our gratitude. It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day tasks… It’s so easy to get to the end of a...

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Making Offers, But No One’s Buying?

Are you making offers in FB groups or to your list, but no one’s buying? Yup, I hear ya. When I was first starting out, I put together a funnel with, *what I thought*, was a great paid offer at the end…and, crickets…absolutely ZERO people took me up on the offer, even...

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Facebook Groups Don’t Work for Finding Clients

I’m just gonna be super-real here…all said with love…but, I’m so over hearing from coaches that posting in FB groups is just a waste of time. If being in FB groups isn't working for you, then I'm sorry, it's not Facebook, and it's not's your strategy. And...

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3 Simple Strategies to Make $ as an Online Coach

Are you constantly wondering where that next client is going to come from or whether you’re going to make any money in your coaching biz this month? I hear you – I used to spend hours working in my biz, doing things I *thought* would help me find clients: updating my...

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5 Quick Tips to Get Your Facebook Posts Noticed

Ever wonder why your Facebook posts get lost in the newsfeed while others seem to get endless likes and comments? Here are 5 quick tips to help you break through and be the post that keeps popping to the top of the feed. Use a colorful image of you. People want to see...

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